Behold “The Beholder”! (My earliest surviving story)

| December 13, 2015

Here, dear reader, is my earliest surviving complete story. (I have uncovered writings predating it, such as this one, but not with fully developed narratives.) Penned while I was in high school, many of my oldest friends still remember this character study about a man who finds beauty in everything he encounters. I think it […]


| October 29, 2015

In celebration of Halloween, I present you this nasty little story about body modification. Click on link below this line to read: – Viewing Pleasure by Sawney Hatton –

UGLYVILLE: Writing an Untypical YA Book

| May 26, 2015

My new novella UGLYVILLE has just been released, and, like my debut novel DEAD SIZE, I once again can’t really tell you who the audience is for it. I describe it as a True Crime-inspired (it’s presented as nonfiction, in diary form) Young Adult book. But I didn’t consider it a YA story as I […]

A Hole Away from Home

| August 22, 2014

In recognition of me starting my Masters program in Writing Studies… Recently, while sifting through some ancient papers of mine, I found this curious paragraph written, by hand, when I was in middle school. It’s probably the oldest piece of my writing I still possess (excluding a rather tepid poem called “Arizona Highway”). I have […]

Author Talk: Q&A with Russ Colchamiro

| March 18, 2014

I will be hawking my wares, reading from said wares, and possibly defiling same said wares at the upcoming TWISTED WORLD VILLAINS & VIXENS convention in Philadelphia (well, King of Prussia, but close enough) the weekend of MARCH 28-30. I’ll also be sharing a table with fellow author/rapscallion RUSS COLCHAMIRO. In anticipation of this dynamic pairing, we […]