10 Books that Burrowed into my Brain

| April 29, 2017

I read a lot of books, but frankly I forget about most not long after I’ve finished them. While I may well have enjoyed the reads, only a select few titles have managed to stick with me to this day, years later. Below is my Top Ten list of these. They’re not all classics, and […]

Revisiting “VENT!: The Online Magazine for Disgruntled Filmmakers” (Part 2)

| July 3, 2016

A significant element of VENT!’s raison d’être (see previous post) was demonstrating that even the most lauded filmmakers had difficult, even doubtful beginnings. Below are a few true origin stories I had shared on the website about some famous auteurs. Whether you’re a filmmaker, author, musician, or other artist, there’s always hope if you’re resourceful and […]

Revisiting “VENT!: The Online Magazine for Disgruntled Filmmakers” (Part 1)

| May 1, 2016

Way back in 1997, after I had completed producing my one and so far only feature film on a $60,000 budget, I launched a semi-popular website called VENT! It focused on the flourishing world of indie filmmaking at a time when regular folks were maxing out multiple credit cards (à la Kevin Smith’s CLERKS) or […]

Behold “The Beholder”! (My earliest surviving story)

| December 13, 2015

Here, dear reader, is my earliest surviving complete story. (I have uncovered writings predating it, such as this one, but not with fully developed narratives.) Penned while I was in high school, many of my oldest friends still remember this character study about a man who finds beauty in everything he encounters. I think it […]


| October 29, 2015

In celebration of Halloween, I present you this nasty little story about body modification. Click on link below this line to read: – Viewing Pleasure by Sawney Hatton –